Fred Armisen’s Fake Punk Band, Ian Rubbish And The Bizaros Makes Actual EP [Free Download]

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Armisen As Ian Rubbish
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If you caught Saturday Night Live a couple weeks ago when the show was hosted by Vince Vaughan, you saw a funny skit called, “The History Of Punk”. The fake segment featured a band similar to the Sex Pistols called, Ian Rubbish and the Bizaros, starring Fred Armisen as Ian Rubbish. Running four and a half minutes long, the clip talked about the group and their angst toward cops and the Queen of England. However, the twist with Ian Rubbish was that he actually had really nice things to say about former prime minister and recently deceased, Margaret Thatcher. Something very different than the opinions of Morrissey. With that being said, the skit is like The Blues Brothers in the sense that they have now released actual music as an EP.

The EP is called, “The Best Of Ian Rubbish”, and it features four tracks from the skit that aired a couple weeks back. It is a humorous collection of actually good punk music, but that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise with Fred Armisen is involved. Before he turned to acting, Armisen was in a punk-rock band called, Trenchmouth, which they actually formed here in Chicago. You can download the EP for free, as well as watch the “History Of Punk” skit, at

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