Billy Corgan Steps Into The Ring With Walter E. Smithe In New Commercial [Watch]

It’s a Chicago showdown as Billy Corgan steps into the squared circle with the Walter E. Smithe brothers in their latest commercial.

In this entertaining cross promotion of two Chicago institutions, things escalate quickly when a game of musical chairs leaves the brothers at odds with the Smashing Pumpkins’ front man.

Outnumbered, Corgan enlists the aid of Chicago based wrestling promotion Resistance Pro’s Heavyweight champ “The Ego” Robert Anthony, Women’s champion Melanie Cruise, and the high flying Mr. 450 to even the odds.

As the trio makes short work of the Walter E. Smithe brothers, Corgan intervenes on behalf of the brother’s furniture and prevents a Walter E. Smithe chair from being obliterated over the head of one of the brothers.

An avid wrestling fan, Corgan co-founded Resistance Pro in 2011. It’s good to know that outside of the Pumpkins, Corgan still embraces plenty of smashing.

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