The Beatles Are Back: Remixed & Remodeled

If you are a Beatle purist, avert your eyes, and ears, because you won’t like this.  If you love the Beatles and the whole concept of remixing, then check this out.  Spankox, who has remixed some Elvis records, has taken on a few remixes of the Beatles’ first hit, Love Me Do.  It’s available on iTunes, but only in the UK.  Did find some youtube postings so you can check it out.  What do you think?  Did you like the Love album that George and Giles Martin produced?  I think that if they are done well, remixes and mash ups can be very interesting.  You hear a very familiar song in a different way.  And I give it an 80.  You can dance to it.

In 2004, Danger Mouse took the Beatles’ White Album and mashed it up with Jay- Z’s Black Album.  Voila.  You get the Grey Album.  This video is a hoot.

And Yoko Ono, well into her 70’s, had some #1 dance club hits with remixes of her songs.  Here’s one remixed by the Pet Shop Boys.

For the haters….what have you done lately?

If people dance, and have a laugh, I say why not.

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