10 Songs Pearl Jam’s Gotta Play

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We have until July 19th for Pearl Jam to consider their setlist.

They may not care about a DJ’s ideas, but they will care deeply about yours. So throw down some choices and reasons those choices should echo down Addison on a hot summer night.

All The Way-The elephant in the room. The rock star in the stadium.

If Eddie doesn’t indulge himself with his tribute to the Cubs and Wrigley Field in Wrigley Field, well then, he probably just doesn’t want to see us weep.

Gone/Let’s See Action-I’ve always wanted to see the world’s biggest Who fan acknowledge the lyrical inspiration for the ending of “Gone” by slipping into Pete Townshend’s “Let’s See Action (Nothing is Everything).”

Jeremy-PJ skipped this one the last couple of times through Chicago. A rough one to hear these days. But to borrow a phrase from Garland Jeffreys, we’re rough and we’re ready.

Corduroy-From an album where the band came to terms with the reality that an unwanted corollary of their love of music was oppressive fame.

In Hiding-Because sometimes you need to get away. From everything. Great rhythm guitar open.

Of The Girl-You know those songs where you think you’re the only one who truly loves it? Surely I’m not alone.
A Stone Gossard composition.

Yellow Ledbetter-Inspired by a friend from Chicago. Opening sounds like Seattle to me. Seattle circa 1967 if ya know what I mean.

Wishlist-Any Pearl Jam song wishlist needs Wishlist.

Even Flow-Need to hear another one from the debut. Makes my head swim.

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