Not A Basket Full Of Kittens

I know Lin Brehmer and Mary Dixon get all mushy about a basket full of kittens, puppies or even DJ’s.  I mean, who wouldn’t.  But this is not about a basket full of kittens.  It’s about one cat’s response to new music from MGMT.  I can’t offer you a preview of new music they are working on, because they are only playing it for their cat.  Andrew and Ben put a picture of a black cat on their Twitter page.  The caption was ,”This tiny kitten has just heard new MGMT songs.”  The cat has no thumbs to give two thumbs up.  But it’s facial expression is a bit confounding.  Does this cat really like what it heard?  Will we?  When will we hear new MGMT?  Don’t know, but they are still working on it .  We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, other cats responded to MGMT.  No, really.

OK.  Those were really lame.  Guess we should stick with Lin & Mary’s basket full of kittens.  This is just too adorable.

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