California Wives On This Week’s Local Anesthetic

This Sunday evening at 7:30, Jayson Kramer (vocals, guitar) and Joe O’Connor (drums) of California Wives will drop by Local Anesthetic to talk about and spin some tunes from the band’s debut, Art History (Vagrant). I’m impressed with this record for a number of reasons. Dynamite songs, for one. The songwriting is solidly consistent from open to close and it also sounds great. Lots of depth to the mix yet it retains an overall airiness, never sounding claustrophobic, i.e., cluttered with too many parts. There’s a cool, somewhat emotionally restrained quality to the vocals that somehow serve the songs with just the right amount of gravitas. Meanwhile, the disc seems to rock just at the moment it’s called for. So, yeah, this is a record you should hear more of and you will from the guys who made it. Art History from California Wives on this week’s Local Anesthetic, Sunday evening at 7:30 here on XRT.

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