The King’s Music [Playlist]

Today is the day that Elvis Presley was born and we honor his memory with an XRT Rock ‘N’ Roll Birthday Bash (along with his natal partner David Bowie). Not only did Elvis transform the world of modern music with his voice and hips, but after his early demise he became something of a mythical figure; leaving behind stories and exploits worthy of Zeus or at least Pan.

He was also a frequent character in other peoples’ songs.

Here’s a few:

A great tribute also inspired by Chuck Berry’s sequel to “Johnny B. Goode.”

From his first solo album. Studio version featured Mark Knopfler on guitar.

Also refers to James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

The armed forces gain was our loss.

Written by John Hiatt.

“I would never sell Graceland, it was the only place where my mother felt at home.”

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