My Bloody Valentine Finish New Album

Let’s be honest, My Bloody Valentine aren’t really known for being the most prolific band, but the music they did manage to release in the late ’80s and early ’90s was so good, we really don’t mind if they take 22 years to release the follow up to Loveless.  Yes, MBV announced on their Facebook page that on “21-12-12,” they finished mastering the new album.  The date looks a bit odd at first, but the Irish and British method really does make more sense, right?  Day/month/year instead of month/day/year?  Whatever.  The important thing is that we have a new album from My Bloody Valentine to look forward to.  Until then, let’s enjoy the masterpiece that is track 1 from the aforementioned second album, the legendary Loveless.  “Only Shallow” could be is one of this DJ’s top track ones of all time.

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