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Anberlin, “Orpheum” [Free Download Exclusive]

If you were in attendance this past fall at our 4D Concert with Smashing Pumpkins, you may have heard these guys open up. Like the Pumpkins’ latest record Oceania, Anberlin’s Orpheum brings a heavier electronica infused sound with lots of layered guitars. It has one foot planted in 90s grunge and the other on a hoverboard. The track also features back-up vocals from fans who entered a YouTube competition the band held to look for some extra sets of lungs.

“When we started writing this record, I think we all kind of knew we had to change and really step out of our box and change it up,” drummer Nathan Young, primary composer of the musical end of “Self-Starter,” tells Billboard. “We’re a rock band, but we’ve got to progress with a sixth album. We wanted to keep it to that rock thing but just change it up.” Frontman Stephen Christian, meanwhile, says “Self-Starter” perfectly fit into the “vision” he had for the album.

Anberlin, “Orpheum” [DOWNLOAD]

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