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The Rolling Stones’ ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Documentary

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(Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

(Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

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Have you seen Crossfire Hurricane, the HBO documentary highlighting the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary? I loved getting new insights into some of the band’s essential songs. For example, as vintage concert footage rolls, Keith Richards says “Anybody else could’ve written any of our other songs, but I don’t think anybody could’ve written “Midnight Rambler” except Mick and me. And nobody else would’ve thought of making an opera out of the blues.” Then, of course, there’s Keith’s trademark death rasp of a laugh.

A return to the violent 1969 Altamont concert chilled me to the bone, but the five-decade retrospective of Mick’s tight-trousered, booty-shaking fashion statements kept me smiling. More on the Stones 50th at

And I’ll play some Stones first thing in the morning Saturday or Sunday. Wondering which parts of the documentary stood out for you?

The Rolling Stones’ ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Documentary To Debut This November

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