Playlist: Local Anesthetic 4/8/2012

7thheaven2009 shot3sm Playlist: Local Anesthetic 4/8/2012

7th Heaven

locala 1251 Playlist: Local Anesthetic 4/8/2012
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  • Brian

    We would like to get a song or two on your show :)

  • Laura Johnson

    Love 7th Heaven. Sing is a great song and there many more of their songs that i would love to hear on the radio more often. Also a fun show to go see. Love the energy! If you get a chance go check them out, always a great show, great music, and always a great time!

  • Sarah kesler

    You got to love them , I love there music , there t-shirts and everything else!

    • The Electric Habit

      We need to borrow your ear! We promise to give it back! listen to HOME and let us know what you think. http://theelectrichabit/music.html

  • Brian

    We need your ear!

    Listen to HOME

  • Cheryl Imbrogno

    Unchained by Vintage Blue is a great song. Thanks for playing it, how about putting it in rotation?

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