Chicago’s Finest Rock Presents The Electric Light Brunch

Since the early 70’s ELO has been more than just a band. They became a global phenomenon selling more than 50 million records world wide. Today their music is more popular than ever and XRT is proud to celebrate all that is ELO with The Electric Light Brunch Sunday morning at 10am with your host, Johnny Mars.

Roll over Beethoven, it’s gonna be a Showdown! Join Johnny Mars for this delightful hour dedicated to the progressive rock genius minds of Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood and the classical rockers in the string section. Expect candid interviews, behind the scenes anecdotes and, of course, lots of great music from ELO!

Tune in at 10am, right after Breakfast With The Beatles.

Lin Brehmer’s April 1 Recap

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  • Shel

    Are you kidding me? Please tell me it’s an april fools joke! I’m turning station now!!!

  • Me

    Too easy this year.

  • Bill

    Love it, love it, love it. I had a lawn service that I named “electric lawn orchestra.

  • Joe Dickmann


  • donr1812

    I thought you’d just skip April Fool’s Day since it fell on Sunday. To my delight, I was wrong!

  • donr1812

    I didn’t think you’d be doing an April Fool’s Day joke since it fell on Sunday. To my delight, I was wrong!

  • danny

    Awesome. They are a natural and logical extension of Breakfast with the Beatles. Plus Johnny Mars is pitch perfect for the show.

  • Bill

    Enjoyed the “brunch” music. Good April 1st.

  • john yeksigian

    Even as a joke, its too much. Please stop the madness. Happy April Fools Day.

  • john yeksigian

    What the check. I’m glad April 1st comes only once a year.

  • jim

    How ’bout a “Led Lunch”?

  • jim pajcic

    Electric light brunch? What’s next, the Flying Burrito Brothers Mexican lunch hour???

    • jim pajcic

      Or maybe the Vanilla Fudge Dessert Station???

  • gabe

    One of my favorite bands hosted by a quick witted dj during a great timeslot for the genre…huge fan!.

  • Matt

    Yes, yes – oh, my G-d, YES! Continue the show! I haven’t been this happy since I saw Melvyn Gale and Hugh McDowell play cellos OVER THIER HEADS at the Uptown Theater in 197?. Fantastic – next week, play 10538 Overture or Kuima off the first album – thank you!

  • jon hansen

    it would not matter if the featured artist was “Emil the Howling Armadillo” as long as Johnny Mars is the host … Johnny rocks and deserves lots of respect … and he knows his tunes … all the best to everybody at XRT which to me is WAY more than a radio station …

  • Carol and David

    thought we missed it! thanks for keeping up the tradition, always fun to figure it out

  • Dale

    Had to be the weakest WXRT April Fool’s prank ever. Very disappointing.

  • mike

    better than the beatles breakfast. i tune out every sunday bc of that

  • Frank

    Loved the show Sunday.Looking forward to it every week!

  • phil hatton

    hello johnny,

    great show,
    please contact me …cheers..

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