Lana Del Rey’s First Radio Performance & Interview [Listen]

[pullquote quote=”What people have to say about me–the really amazing things and the really terrible things–none of them are true. “]”You’re so nice. Why is everyone so mean to you?,” posed Kevin and Bean to the flaxen-haired Lana Del Rey who donned “lots of extensions”–which they complimented.

“It’s not everyone. It’s not everyone,” repeated the “polarizing” singer in a rare radio interview this morning.

Decked out in cool, urban New Yorka chic, Del Rey evoked the “gangster” side of her “gangster Nancy Sinatra,” a label which has followed her since the internet explosion of “Video Games” in 2011.

In fact, the sultry-voiced Del Rey’s career has been nothing but appropriated labels since she became one of the biggest indie memes of a generation.

Her name change from Lizzy Grant has garnered criticism, despite multitudes of other stars like Lady Gaga doing the same. Her face and body have been snarked upon for what seems like radical changes, but in person seems as minor as a change in hair color. Her initial fame floated tenuously on a cloud of Internet approval–making her the prime target for anonymous cyber attacks.

Which, as Kevin and Bean mentioned, is probably one of the first blatant examples of such in the music sphere. Throughout all this, Del Rey has kept herself shrouded in an aura of mystery, an innate gift that actually points to her strength in the face of criticism and not her perceived fragility.

[pullquote quote=”The internet right now is creating their own person for themselves to play with. “]But, maybe it’s that exact elusive nature mixed with an eloquent self-confidence that makes Del Rey so hated and, yet, so loved by fellow “artists” at the same time.

While the “Video Games” singer told Kevin and Bean she’s not a “polarizing” personality, her contradictory nature, and her embracing of such as “normal,” is what makes her art so special.

“Mine is an unusual situation because I’m not naturally a polarizing or controversial person,” Del Rey elucidated. “And what I sing about is actually pretty balanced, pretty normal. What people have to say about me–the really amazing things and the really terrible things–none of them are true. I have nothing to do with what people say.”

So when Del Rey replies in what could be perceived as a snobbish way, that Kevin and Bean “probably can’t imagine” what she has gone through, she’s right: No one artist has immediately been torn apart piece by piece while subsequently rising to success as fast as Lana Del Rey. And all through the medium of the internet.

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