Wanna Know What Talking on the Radio Looks Like?

in studio pic Wanna Know What Talking on the Radio Looks Like?

Always need to keep the lighting low...

Whenever we have guests that stop by the station, they always want to come by the on-air studio to have a peek for themselves.  Since I’m now armed with a GoPro Hero 2, I figured I’d bring it along to record a little of what a DJ’s typical day is like.  Is this video as entertaining as when Howard Stern’s show was shown on E! back in the ’90s and early ’00s?  Um, yeah, no porn stars in studio with me, just a mic, some turntables, a bunch of CDs and a crapload of computer screens.

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  • Jerry Wasick


    Cool, thanks!


  • Joe

    This was pretty awesome. I am always interested as to what is going on in that radio booth. Also, big props for not buckling under the pressure of the big camera. I was listening to this broadcast yesterday and would never have even known.

  • Bonnie

    Jason — nice
    Also, loved to hear that your yoga teacher played Bon Iver! — one of my instructors plays Radiohead, The XX, and Eddie Vedder — namaste indeed!

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