tUnE-yArDs + Hugs = Charity $$$

tuneyards hugz tUnE yArDs + Hugs = Charity $$$

The hug was $5. The Guinness was about the same. Maybe $6. Can't quite remember...

Does the above formula make sense?  Maybe not at first glance, but I’ll do my best to explain.  Merrill Garbus ([lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]tUnE-yArDs[/lastfm]) was in town for a couple of sold out XRT shows at Lincoln Hall back in November.  At the end of the November 10 show, she mentioned something about collecting cash for charity at the merch table on the way out, and I’m sure a ton of people would’ve donated anyway, but to seal the deal she said that she was going to sell hugs for $5 right next to the main bar.

As you can see above, yeah, I was in on Hugfest ‘011.  I was reminded of this after reading some of Pitchfork’s Guest List: Best of 2011 post.  Yeah, Chicago, we made her best of 2011!

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