These Songs Go To 11 — Lin Brehmer’s 11/11/11 Playlist

On the XRT Morning Show, we will celebrate 11-11-11 as Nigel Tufnel day. Spinal Tap lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel was the genius who designed the amplifier that went to 11. It has become a part of our rock and roll DNA. This one goes to 11. When we hear the right song on the radio, we say, “Turn it up to eleven.”

Here are 11 songs that require people to get out of my car. Eleven is loud.

[lastfm]The Imperial Crowns[/lastfm] – “‘Lil’ Death”. A whole lot of nasty from an obscure L.A. biker band.

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  • Eric

    Gosh, I’m with ya on almost all of those. AC/DC, not so much, a WHO song would probably be better in that space. Two Jimi songs on that list, both amazing, Buddy doing Red House, oh my!. Voodoo Chile gives me chills, especially the supersonic ending.

    • Lin Brehmer

      Yeah. Could have easily thrown down Smothers Brothers version of My Generation which is a rarely heard barn burner. Or some Live at Leeds. I just felt like goosing expectations. Would have been so easy to just go Zeppelin Who Stones Hendrix and walk away.

  • steven smith

    Excellent list! My list:

    Beck’s Bolero

    Down in the Street (Stooges)

    Ramblin’ Rose (MC5)

    Eight Miles High (Huskerdu)

    I Need You (Kinks)

    In the Evening (Led Zep)

    I Hate my Generation (Cracker)

    Money Talks (AC/DC)

    Pet Semetary (Ramones)

    Play it all Night Long (Warren Zevon)

    Dear Lover (Social Distortion)

  • http://wxrt mark huster

    Nigel the great!

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    […] These Songs Go To 11 — Lin Brehmer’s 11/11/11 Playlist […]

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