DON’T PANIC! 5 Songs For An Asteroid Fly-by

asteroid near earth ll 110627 wg DONT PANIC! 5 Songs For An Asteroid Fly by

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[photogallerylink id=69633 align=left]An asteroid the length of an aircraft carrier, 2005 YU55, will fly within 200,000 miles of the Earth around dinnertime today. Scientists at NASA say it’s the closest an asteroid this size has passed by since 1976. If you have a telescope and clear skies (not a given around Chicago, sadly), you might catch a glimpse.

The Church – “Under The Milky Way”

A song about looking, perhaps in vain, for something shimmering and white. With bagpipes!

[metrolyrics artist=”The Church” song=”Under The Milky Way”]

View Mary’s Song For An Asteroid Fly-by


    […] more ideas on songs to put on your playlist for tonight’s historic asteroid fly-by, check out WXRT’s list! Now go forth and look at the […]

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