Yoko & Flaming Lips To Honor Steve Jobs

[photogallerylink id=102254 align=left]Tonight MTV will present this year’s O Awards, with a special tribute to Steve Jobs. His death has reached a lot of people around the world. Why so much grief for a man that developed and sold computers? Maybe because of his vision, and his ability to take that vision from ideas to some electronic toys we can’t live without…maybe because his contributions to technology have totally changed how we access music…maybe because he wasn’t just a computer nerd, he was a music nerd as well. He’s a fine example of the importance of art in our lives. His passion wasn’t just for the technical end. He had a true rock and roll heart and was touched and inspired like the rest of us by Bob Dylan, John Lennon, U2 and others. This took him from being brilliant at his day job, to a flesh and blood relatable public figure. The arts connect us in many ways. This is one.

[photogallerylink id=102124 align=left]So to honor this giant of the computer industry, MTV has called on Yoko Ono and The Flaming Lips to do the honors. Yoko plans to say, “Like John Lennon, the man I love deeply, Steve Jobs was a dreamer who changed the world. But of course when we lose a genius of that caliber, they are never really gone. They live on all around us, through our memories, their words, and their work. Their spirit grows in us forever to the end of the days.”

That will be followed by the Lips’ performance of Lennon-McCartney’s song Revolution, shot completely on iPads. Very cool. When that ends up on one of these Steve Jobs inventions, we’ll share it with you.

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