Rock Your Halloween Costume!

mick  superheavy pink suit Rock Your Halloween Costume!

Trick or Treat!

[photogallerylink id=104619 align=left]Who wants to be a rock star? Okay, who wants to be a rock star for Halloween? Time is running short, and unlike Mick Jagger, you probably don’t have time for a Savile Row tailor to whip up something like this bespoke pink number. You might find something comparably natty at the thrift shop, though. And don’t you love dreaming up new people to be?

lady gaga gay pride getty Rock Your Halloween Costume!

Take a tip from your pal, Mary: If you’re going to dress up as a pop or rock star, don’t waste time on someone who looks so normal that you spend the night explaining yourself. Lady Gaga eliminates this problem. Entirely. And you have so many options. Turquoise hair, red talon Gaga. Or Born This Way Gaga.

799 lady gaga born this way 2011 p2p 84mb Rock Your Halloween Costume!

Even Guy Gaga:

gaga caldreonex390 Rock Your Halloween Costume!

Yeah, you might have to spend some time explaining that one.

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