Playlist: Rampant Beatlemania, Part 3

1131 Playlist: Rampant Beatlemania, Part 3bb 1251 Playlist: Rampant Beatlemania, Part 3Here’s another in a series of mixtapes for Beatle fans and anyone that loves the art of covering songs. Volumes 1 & 2 are available on my page on XRT’s website. Have fun putting it together. This is as close to teaching a crafts class as I’ll ever get.

1. Only A Northern Song – Jamie Hoover.
This is an excellent, rockin’ version of the Harrison psychedelic tune from Yellow Submarine. Jamie was in the Spongetones, a cool group that started as a Beatles cover band in Charlotte, North Carolina. They put out a few albums, and Jamie worked with Don Dixon, Graham Parker and The Smithereens.
That’s quite a resume! This is on his solo album Jamie Hoo-Ever, and it’s available on itunes.

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