Guys, Are You Ready For The Mankini?

borat mankini getty images Guys, Are You Ready For The Mankini?

Not Lin Brehmer.  Getty Image

Guys, your moment has arrived. The men’s collections are going down the catwalks of New York Fashion Week, and even the Oxford English Dictionary is taking note.  The mankini’s time is now.

This morning’s Wall Street Journal reports on the nexus where fashion meets lexicon: the industry that comes up with fun new ways to describe what we’re wearing is adding “man” or “bro” to their efforts to spiff up the dudes.

Item One: The mankini.

 Guys, Are You Ready For The Mankini?

Still not Lin Brehmer. Photo: Paperblog

Alexander McQueen and Emporio Armani are seeing guys in mankinis this season. What will they wear under their carefully distressed t’s and jeans? Manties. Manx. Man girdles.

manx underwear 550x366 Guys, Are You Ready For The Mankini?


And what’s a fashionable fellow going to wear on his feet? The Commander in Chief got a fair amount of guff for his mandals.

pres obama mandals Guys, Are You Ready For The Mankini?

President Obama. In his mandals.

The president has people for schlepping his Blackberry and mints. Where’s a regular guy going to stash his necessaries? In his murse, of course. Manbags got such a bad rap in the 1970s, and they’re not exactly sounding better in the ’10s when people call them … wait a minute. Is that George Clooney?

george clooney manbag Guys, Are You Ready For The Mankini?

Still not Lin Brehmer.

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  • Ken Erickson

    This is scary. I think I need therapy now…..

  • Pmary Novak

    “mankini” was a reoccuring character on E! “the soup” with joel Mchale…… that’s the same suit sasha barron coen was wearing in his movie, as his “borat” charatcer LOL!!!

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