Playlist: Aunt Terri Tunes # 3

terri 3855 Playlist: Aunt Terri Tunes # 3Here’s another collection of sings for kids that the big kids driving the car won’t mind hearing. It’s all good fun. Just follow the easy directions and put together your own mixtape of these songs to burn on CD or make a playlist on your MP3 player. Have the kids with you when you watch these videos.

1. Iko Iko – Dixie Cups

Iko Iko is a New Orleans classic about two Mardi Gras Indian tribes. The Dixie Cups had a huge hit in 1964 with Chapel Of Love. The following year they were in a recording session with the legendary writers/producers Lieber & Stoller. During a break the gals were goofing off with drum sticks, Coke bottles and ash trays singing a song they heard from their grandmother. All three gals were related. Two sisters and a cousin. Leiber & Stoller knew a great sound when they heard one. This turned out to be their next hit single. They still perform and I have heard them do this song many times in their native New Orleans.

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  • Katie A. Jones

    Another winner!! Impossible to sit still with “Iko Iko” in any form. “Jungle Bandstand” lifted me, a real kick, imagined purple elephants line dancing the Twist. (?!?!?!) Love the accents of Cajun & reggae in the mix, too – nice spice throughout your Aunt Terri Tunes series!! :-) What a magnificent gift for kids of all ages!
    — Katie Jones, Aurora, IL (

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