Chuck Berry Gets Statue In St. Louis

chuck Chuck Berry Gets Statue In St. Louis

The last time we saw [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Chuck Berry[/lastfm] in the news was over this past New Year’s weekend when we were worried for his well being.  The news today is way better.

This past New Year’s Day Chuck Berry looked faint and had to leave the stage during a performance at the Congress Theater. When an ambulance was spotted outside the venue it was easy to imagine bad news. It turns out the 85 year old Rock and Roll inventor was simply overworked and exhausted. He returned to his lifetime hometown of St. Louis and was fine during his next performance.
This week in St. Louis Chuck was honored with a statue. A plaza in the Delmar Loop entertainment district of St. Louis features illuminated walls with laser-engraved musical notes of “Johnny B. Goode”. Concrete strips in the sidewalk are etched with the lyrics of Berry songs, and now an eight foot tall statue in his honor. Chuck still performs monthly across the street from the statue at Blueberry Hill. His next show there will be on August 17. At the unveiling this week Chuck said, “I won’t keep you long, I don’t know how to speak, I just sing a little bit. I’m going to say thank you again, and I love you all.” Chuck then joined his wife, children, grandchildren and fans in singing one of his biggest hits, “Johnny B. Goode.”


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