Whoa! Might Be Time To Move Back To The Bay Area!

waffle chicken Whoa! Might Be Time To Move Back To The Bay Area!


See that gorgeous piece of culinary excellence?  That’s what you get after a night of drinking in San Francisco’s Mission District.  That’s not just a fried chicken sandwich with waffles for buns, nope, before the chicken is fried it’s wrapped in bacon, then buttermilk-fried.  That’s a side of spicy maple barbeque sauce too.  Yikes!  And when I say “yikes,” I mean so in a loving, holy-$#%^-I-didn’t-believe-in-God-before-but-I-do-now kinda way.  The gem above can be found at Soul Groove Waffles and Chicken, and SF Weekly has more for you on the next page…

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  • http://teafortessa.blogspot.com tessa

    Yes yes and yes! This is the perfect little breakfast combo. I wrote in a yelp review that Chik-fil-a should offer these puppies for breakfast. I had my first waffles and fried chicken at The Nines Hotel in Portland, OR.

    It’s breakfast time and my mouth is watering!

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