What Are Protected Bike Lanes? Well…

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bike lane1 What Are Protected Bike Lanes? Well...

Pretty awesome photograph with the iPhone, no?

The photo above tells you all you need to know.  The cars have room for driving and parking on the left, and the bikes have their own space on the right.  In theory, no one’s getting doored and the cars don’t need to worry about guessing where the cyclist’s head is at and what their next move may be.  That’s a shot of Kinzie Street, where a protected bike lane was unveiled last week between Milwaukee Ave. and Wells St.  Because of a paint job that was postponed due to rain, the new setup confused some at first, but the concept seemed pretty easy for me to grasp on my first trip on the new and improved Kinzie.

Mayor Emanuel seems intent on 100 miles of protected lanes during his first 4 years, so we’ll see if that happens.  In the meantime, take a cruise on Kinzie and try it out for yourself.

Read more about it here from the good folks at the Active Transportation Alliance.

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