20 Songs For The Summer

1119 20 Songs For The SummerToday is the first day of summer, so how about twenty of my favorite songs to bring our favorite season in with a very loud stereo. Here are 20 of my favorites, in no particular order. Be sure and share yours!

1) The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer

One of my faves it’s either the first or 2nd song I hear on the 1st day of Summer. Great summer anthem from these punks from Northern Ireland

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  • Doug Dahlgren

    Wow….Shows how old I am. The only “Here comes Summer” I remember was at hit in ’58 or ’59 by Jerry Keller.

    • Marc Alghini

      The “Doug Dahlgren?” if so very cool.

  • Nancy Bucket

    Gas was cheap, hair was big, and everyone dressed like Mario and Luigi! Great songs, but sadly missing a little jug band music…YOU know the one. Thanks for posting.

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