Obama + Hulk's Entrance Music + Birth Certificate Images = Awesome

hulk Obama + Hulk's Entrance Music + Birth Certificate Images = Awesome

Whoa!  My buddy just sent me video of the White House Press Correspondents’ dinner from Saturday night and what do we have here?!  Obama coming on stage to Hulk Hogan’s old entrance music (Rick Derringer’s “Real American”)?!  Nice!  With Donald Trump in the audience?!  As a bonus we also get footage from his “birth video,” but sadly it’s not the “original longform version.”  Some good cracks in the video on the next page…

And yes, that is Daniel crane-kicking Johnny Lawrence in the face!  Cobra Kai goes down!!!!

Oh, and we might as well include the original video, eh?

  • Beth Manders

    He is pretty masterful at poking fun at himself…and he did a good job on Trump, too. ;^)

  • embarrassed Democrat

    Why didn’t this pin head just provide his birht certificate durring the election like all the other candidates had to?

  • Bassnote

    he’s joking it up one night and all serious the next. wouldn’t want his job

  • Jan

    Question shouldn’t be ‘Why didn’t he show it…?’ Question should be ‘Why did he have to show it?’Did anyone ever badger, hound and ask any of the other presidents before him to show their birth certificate? All Trump did was make Americans look stupid. If we allowed President Obama to campaign for presidency and then elected him to be the president of our country without him having to complete a background check and provide legitimate ID, (as which I’m sure he had to do), then we are either stupid or ‘trumped’. Care to know which one you are? I’m embarrassed and surprised that you ARE a Democrat. Sounds a bit like a ‘trumper’ to me.

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