Free MP3 Download: Bell X1 – “Hey Anna Lena”

bellx1 Free MP3 Download: Bell X1   Hey Anna Lena
[photogallerylink id=37280 align=left]Irish rockers, [lastfm]Bell X1[/lastfm] have followed the path of greats, taking their name from the first supersonic aircraft ever constructed. With vocals echoing those of [lastfm]Talking Heads[/lastfm] frontman, [lastfm]David Byrne[/lastfm] and a building electronica atmosphere like something off a [lastfm]Radiohead[/lastfm] record, you might remember them from Blue Lights on the Runway and “The Great Defector.” This cut from the band’s forthcoming album, Bloodless Coup constructs a lush, familiar sound.

Bell X1 – “Hey Anna Lena” [DOWNLOAD]

1 Free MP3 Download: Bell X1   Hey Anna Lena

Track Listing
1. Hey Anna Lena
2. Velcro
3. Nightwatchmen
4. Sugar High
5. Built to Last
6. 4 Minute Mile
7. Safer Than Love
8. The Trailing Skirts of God
9. Haloumi
10. 74 Swans

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