Chicago Recordings You Might Dig: JD McPherson

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136 Chicago Recordings You Might Dig: JD McPherson

JD McPherson

Gotta thank Richard Milne for passing this CD on to me.  Signs & Signifiers is the debut release from Chicago artist, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]JD McPherson[/lastfm].  JD’s actually from Oklahoma, but according to the Hi-Style website, they brought JD to the big city of Chicago to record this album, so we can claim him as ours for now.  If he’s cool with that, of course.  If ’50s rock ‘n’ roll and/or old soul is your thing, this album should be a slam-dunk.  Kind of a drag that his only upcoming show listed on the Hi-Style site is in June, IN SPAIN, but we’re happy he’s scored what seems to be such a cool gig.  Just don’t forget about us in Chicago, OK?  If you wanna see a video of his, click below and you’re there.  Enjoy!

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