The King V.S. The Stones

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elvis 385 The King V.S. The Stones[photogallerylink id=52283 align=left]One of the great dilemmas I faced as a young concertgoer was the choice of  seeing the Rolling Stones or Elvis Presley back in the early seventies. The Stones were playing the International Amphitheatre and I think the King was at the Chicago Stadium. There was only enough money for one and, while the Stones were definitely the hotter ticket, I was old enough to realise Elvis was pretty important too and not just a relic from the fifties. (Although the movies didn’t help.)

Anyway, I went to the Stones and had a blast and never did get a chance to see Elvis.  Regrets, I’ve had a few.  There will be lots of Elvis and Bowie today on our Friday Double feature in anticipation of their double birthday tomorrow. If you’ve ever been forced into a tough live music triage, let us know.

Celebrate Rock Royalty: Bowie and Elvis on XRT’s Friday Feature

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