Vulgar Boatmen At Schuba’s This Saturday

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vulgar Vulgar Boatmen At Schubas This Saturday

You and Your Sister

Wendy Rice and I were enjoying cocktails at a gathering over the weekend when a song we both love came on the radio.  “Drive Somewhere” by The Vulgar Boatmen began its meandering journey on the airwaves of XRT and Wendy and I discussed the band’s byzantine history.  How the two chief songwriters exchanged cassettes to collaborate on creating songs.  How the band had a Florida line-up and a somewhat different Indiana line-up.  And how any list of rock’s greatest driving tunes must include “Drive Somewhere.”  So I come into work this morning and slap my forehead in an ‘omg’ manner because I realize that Schubas Tavern is hosting the very same Vulgar Boatmen this Saturday. 

At 9pm enjoy a screening of the documentary, DRIVE SOMEWHERE: THE SAGA OF THE VULGAR BOATMENAt 10pm the classic line-up of [lastfm]The Vulgar Boatmen[/lastfm] will take the stage for an extremely rare Chicago concert.  Since a one hour movie about The Vulgar Boatmen will not be in, shall we say, wide release, this may be your best chance to view a band’s story that is every bit as amazing as their music.

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