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Playlist: Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular 12/12/2010

santasubway Playlist: Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular 12/12/2010

Subway Santa

locala 12511 Playlist: Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular 12/12/2010Year number 19 for the Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular has yielded the most diverse collection of Chicago band seasonal greetings to date. This hour-long celebration of the season, featured exclusive salutations to XRT listeners from Chicago bands. Everything from simple guitar/vocal arrangements to full blown, CinemaScope productions.

  • Artist
  • [lastfm]Chuckleheads[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Algebro[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]The Spares[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Mpls Henrys[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Jon Drake and the Shakes[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Bob Dey’s Tank Engine Man[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]The Slacks[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Bailiff[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Great Crusades[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Mr. Blotto[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Organic Sludge[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]John Greenfield[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Harlan Flo[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Dae and My Family[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Silhavey[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]JC Brooks and Uptown Sound[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Nurse Novel[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Love and Money[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Dave Ramont[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Nicholas Barron[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]They All Have Legs[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Murley Shertz[/lastfm] [Website]
  • [lastfm]Who’s This Mary[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Manatees[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Filligar[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Helicopters[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Diane Marie Klouba[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Fan Cee[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Kathy Greenholdt[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Thomas Pace[/lastfm]
  • Part Two
  • [lastfm]The Polkaholics[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Tony Calderisi[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Blitch Bango[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Dave Sills[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Death Ships[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Bob Musikanto[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Tumbleweed[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Ben Lubek[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]The Drastics[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Markit8[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Steakhouse Mints[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Emily Hurd[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]The Mother Z’s[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Sue Fink and Friends[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Vertigo Kid[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Luck of Eden Hall[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Humboldt Lagoon[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Musikanto[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Geronimo[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Pox[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Bonnie Koloc[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]The Larkin and Moran Brothers[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Frosting[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Somersault Factory[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Todd Donnelly[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Essex Chanel[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]As-If[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Umphrey’s McGee[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Rego[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Adam Fitz[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Graham Czach[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]The Moses Gun[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Spare Parts[/lastfm]
  • [lastfm]Flame Shark[/lastfm]
  • A full, downloadable version of the show will be posted here following the rebroadcast next Sunday, December 19.

Music Submission Guidlines For Local Anesthetic

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