Audio: Secret Colours On Local Anesthetic 11/7/2010

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sc 385 Audio: Secret Colours On Local Anesthetic 11/7/2010

Secret Colours

locala 12511 Audio: Secret Colours On Local Anesthetic 11/7/2010Lots of goodness on their self-titled debut and a maturity beyond their early 20-something years. What’s most fascinating to me is the way this record SOUNDS. I could date it to the early 90’s but that would be a disservice to the obvious effort that went in to the recording process. I’ll just say I don’t know anybody else in Chicago that currently sounds quite like [lastfm]Secret Colours[/lastfm] and we’ll just have to get to the bottom of why that is when they’re my guest on Local Anesthetic.

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Playlist: Local Anesthetic 11/7/2010

  • Song – Artist
  • Gravity – [lastfm]Secret Colours[/lastfm]
  • Chemical Swirl – [lastfm]Secret Colours[/lastfm]
  • Tomorrow Never Knows – [lastfm]Secret Colours[/lastfm]
  • Let it Go – [lastfm]Secret Colours[/lastfm]

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