Video: Civil Twilight Live In-Studio

These immensely talented and quite friendly rockers stopped by XRT this Monday to talk with Terri Hemmert and play a few songs.

While you’re watching “Letters from the Sky,” you may compare Steven McKellar’s voice to that of Bono. Plenty of singers have not deserved the comparison, but McKellar most certainly does – sounding eerily like the Dublin frontman from the very first note.

Watch more videos from the Live visit below:

Terri Hemmert welcomes the band and shows off her app – the vuvuzela iPhone app – to these guys, originally from Cape Town, South Africa.

Civil Twilight perform: “On The Surface”

Interview: Steven McKellar on growing up, “getting big” as a band and what it’s like to tour with your brother.

ct Video:  Civil Twilight Live In Studio

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  • Kevin

    Great band. Incredible live band. They’re working very hard, touring and promoting and will be visiting my city (STL) soon for the 3rd time in less than a year. Go see this band now! btw, this was a very nice in studio performance and interview – go job!

  • Nora

    First time I heard Letter from the Sky I bought it off of itunes. When i heard the comparison to Bono’s voice, I was like, yeah, yeah. Being a U2 fan, I realized why I liked lead singer’s voice so much. Good job on interview, Terri, you rock.

  • Heather

    Amazing band, seems like they are a group of down to earth guys. Love the interviews and I have to say they remind me of Cold Play (earlly years) and really think this group is going to go far in the industry. Id love to see them play in Chicago or Milwaukee, perhaps the Rave…nice small venue, best shows ever. Keep it up Cival Twilight, youre an amazing band!

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