Best Shows Ever

archives 125 Best Shows EverSome of my live faves (in no particular order, list subject to change)…Rolling Stones, 1972 International Amphitheatre (they got a couple of shows in between orgies at the Playboy mansion,) [lastfm]Richard Thompson[/lastfm] (with his Kellogg Cornflakes guitar) at Tuts in the eighties, [lastfm]Wilco[/lastfm], a couple of years ago at Millenium Park (there was wine and cute moms at that one,) [lastfm]Grateful Dead[/lastfm], McGaw Hall 1973, [lastfm]The Who[/lastfm] at the Auditorium Theatre in 1971(?) playing a shortened version of Tommy, [lastfm]Bob Dylan[/lastfm] on the “Time Out of Mind” tour at Metro in the late nineties and my first date with Martha…[lastfm]Traffic[/lastfm] at the Arie Crown in1971. Maybe you’ll fall in love all over again or for the first time listening to  some choice tracks from the vaults starting today at 1pm on the XRT Live From the Archives Weekend.


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