It’s Alright, Ma, It’s His Birthday

dylan 385 Its Alright, Ma, Its His BirthdayHere’s to the poet laureate of folk and rock. [lastfm]Bob Dylan[/lastfm] is 69 years old today. I could blog till 10 o’clock tonight and still not cover all the ways he changed everything. Took rock music from making out in the back seat of your dad’s car to the front lines of the civil rights and anti Vietnam War movements. In the late 60’s make it cool for rockers to listen to Bob Dylan. Inspired [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm] to write lyrics that mattered. Stop me now. We’ll let the music do the talking. A tribute to a true poet.

A fab laugh

dylan youtube Its Alright, Ma, Its His Birthday

Bob with [lastfm]Johnny Cash[/lastfm]

Johnny’s daughter [lastfm]Rosanne Cash[/lastfm] shares a birthday with Dylan. She is 55 years old today, so happy birthday to her as well. Her most recent album is songs from a list of important songs given to her by her father. This Dylan song, the one above that he revisited with Johnny, made the list.

And my favorite Dylan cover…from the movie I’m Not There, [lastfm]Jim James[/lastfm] of [lastfm]My Morning Jacket[/lastfm] with [lastfm]Calexico[/lastfm]. Beautiful.

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