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frank385 About Frank E. Lee

Frank E. Lee was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. His education in the Chicago Southwest Christian School system left him ill-prepared for a career as a rock superstar, so he turned to the radio. He learned how to run a control board and write commercials under the guidance of the late great Al Parker at Columbia college. After serving as a DJ and intern at several Chicago stations of varying power and prestige, he was hired to do afternoons in El Paso Texas despite having presented the program director with a blank audition tape. He eventually returned to Chicago older but no wiser and was hired at WXRT where he has remained to the present day, playing the most powerful sounds the human race has ever made and occasionally talking with the people who make those sounds. His personal life is of no interest to anyone except his wife Martha and his daughters Kara and Jane. He lives in the western suburbs and can often be seen running down the street with a strange facial expression that he hopes signifies steely determination.

Some of Frank E. Lee’s favorite scary movies…in no particular order.

Terror in the Year 5000: If you thought in 3000 years it was gonna be mile high spires, anti-gravity belts and worldwide telepathic peace, think again. It’s a mutant nightmare and, what’s worse, they want our good, fresh, untainted 1950’s DNA! 1st message from the future: Save Us!

Attack of the Crab Monsters: Crabs are scary enough when they’re not on your plate…How bout when they’re the size of an elephant and you are on their menu. By the way, when they eat your brain, they absorb your personality. Shaws and Bob Chinns will never seem the same again!

Kronos: A giant cubist robot with animated legs lands in Mexico to get energy! It has the help of an alien 5th columnist. Better than a lot of the big bug flicks.

The Undead: Roger Corman made movies faster and cheaper than anyone, but they were still pretty good. This one starts with a lecture from Satan and it’s all downhill from there.

Cape Canaveral Monsters: A bickering alien couple team up to destroy America’s space program. Their matter transmitter apparently uses dry ice! A must for fans of NASA stock footage.

Carnival of Souls: I think this was inspired by Ambrose Bierce’s story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Church organist Mary survives a terrible car crash…or does she? Filmed spookily in Lawrence, Kansas and Salt Lake City by a director of industrial films.

The Black Scorpion: This may be the greatest stop action giant bug movie ever…lot’s of the title beasties, plus a huge worm with legs that screams and a spider the size of Lassie! Try to ignore the annoying little kid. The always reliable Richard Denning is our hero. Leave the lights on…

How about some chilling tunes for your Halloween listening?

Kick in the Eye by Bauhaus
Peter Murphy could scare you just by singing the phone book.

Eye of the Zombie by John Fogerty
Undead classic from the master swamp rocker.

Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio
The best serious werewolf song ever.

Down by the Water by P. J. Harvey
A liquid nightmare by Polly Jean.

Evil by Howling Wolf
Blues icon addresses the dark side of life.

Just keep repeating…it’s only a song…it’s only a song…


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